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What does it take to make murderers out of men? 


When a series of mild-mannered men turn violent killers, Lt. Trilby Baines and the Willow Creek Police Department scramble for answers.

As the case heats up, Trilby is haunted by strange dreams. Are they premonitions—her intuition trying to tell her what she knows but can’t yet see? The question leaves her doubting her own sanity.

But all that matters is keeping Chief Marcus McKay safe. The man with eyes the color of the coffee he is forever drinking has her loyalty and her heart. If she can’t fight the dreams, she’ll follow them…

Her investigation leads to dire suspicions about childhood abuse and its consequences.

Is is really possible to make boys into sleeping monsters? Can they be programmed for murder as men?

And if so, who would do such a thing? What kind of evil does that take?

FBI Agent David Fontane has offered his assistance, but can Trilby trust him to help find the answers?

Can she solve the puzzle, find the menace and save the chief?

Or will time run out for the man she loves…and their second chance to be together?


And can they catch the man behind it all before he strikes again?

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